Pre-registration open! (2021/2022 edition)

GENERAL PRE-REGISTRATION DEADLINE: June 1 to August 16, 2021 Students interested in this Certificate offered by the University of Oviedo must pre-register online or at the International Graduate Centre. The requirements and documentation that students must submit appear on the confirmation page, which must be printed after pre-registering or registering. Link to the International GraduateSigue leyendo “Pre-registration open! (2021/2022 edition)”

Curso 2021 – 2022 (next edition of the course)

Ya está abierto el plazo de preinscripción para la edición de 2021-2022 The pre-registration period for the 2021-2022 edition is now open Preinscripción: Pre-registation:

Primeras Jornadas sobre Interculturalidad y Desarrollo

La próxima semana se van a celebrar en Oviedo las primeras Jornadas sobre Interculturalidad y Desarrollo, emitidas en gran medida online (a través de la plataforma Microsoft Teams), y con la participación, entre otras, de Ndidi Nwaneri. El programa provisional del encuentro, que cuenta con la colaboración de la Agencia Asturiana de Cooperación al desarrollo,Sigue leyendo “Primeras Jornadas sobre Interculturalidad y Desarrollo”

Precariedad laboral, cuerpo y vida dañada. Una investigación de filosofía social

El estudio de la genealogía histórica y del impacto epistémico, moral y social del fenómeno de la precariedad laboral no ha recibido aún una respuesta teórica y crítica integral a la altura de los dilemas que supone para las sociedades contemporáneas, que necesariamente deberá fomentar una cooperación fructífera entre las competencias analíticas de las humanidadesSigue leyendo “Precariedad laboral, cuerpo y vida dañada. Una investigación de filosofía social”

Link and conferences program. EthicsLab Conference 2020

Dear Participants to the EthicsLab Conference 2020 Dear EthicsLab friends from around the world, I am please to inform you that our in-person EthicsLab conference 2020 will be accessible live on Zoom. Here is the link :  The theme of the conference is : Rethinking the Camerounian state from the cultural diversity paradigm? Please, shareSigue leyendo “Link and conferences program. EthicsLab Conference 2020”

2020 EthicsLab Conference

EthicsLab Conference – December 14-15, 2020UCAC Campus – Yaoundé (Nkolbisson) Rethinking the Cameroonian State from the Ethnic Paradigm? This conference will examine various aspects of the challenges posed by the emergence or construction of an authentic Cameroonian state that takes the ethnic paradigm seriously. Without limiting ourselves to this, we welcome contributions or proposals thatSigue leyendo “2020 EthicsLab Conference”

Thank you all very much

Many thanks! This project begins its journey thanks to the initiative of several professors and the collaboration of many others, the support of the administration staff and the deanship of the Faculty of Humanities, as well as the Vice-Rector’s Office for Academic Organization. Likewise, we also have to thank several entities and associations for theirSigue leyendo “Thank you all very much”

Justification of this course and objectives

Justification Current economic and social trends in an increasingly globalized and interconnected world have led to the emergence of forms and production models that are simplifying and, to a certain extent, homogenizing many cultural aspects. Institutions, social relations, territorial systems, demographic, political and economic phenomena produce commonplaces that are generalized and / or culturally imposedSigue leyendo “Justification of this course and objectives”