The specific-degree of University Expert in Interculturality, Justice and Global Change has a duration of 172.5h, organized in the second semester with a total of 23 ECTS credits.

Global justice. Migration, poverty and development

Traditional and modern African political theory  

Development theory in the African context

Technology and development in Africa

Theories of justice and the challenges of globalization: concepts of global justice

Political philosophy and migration

Injustice and epistemic violence in colonial thought and epistemic resistance strategies for the decolonization of knowledge

Poverty, development aid and intercultural dialogue

Geographical dimension of interculturality and global change: cultures and heritage, territories and human development

Territory and landscape: the spatial and temporal dynamics of culture. Is geography a weapon for war?

Technology, industry, freedom and environment

Vulnerabilization mechanisms in marginal spaces

Geographic spaces of international tourism. Tourism as a path for the dissemination of a globalising culture

Geographic perspective of interculturality in Africa

Landscape and the cultural expression of a human group and its activities. Agrarian and mining spaces in the 21st century

Rural landscapes: the homogenisation of resource extraction and production spaces

Urban landscapes. Recent transformations in a globalised world. Social organisation in building, management and living places in urban spaces

Development geographies. Human development. Inequalities and social injustice. Differential factors

Territory and identity. Perspective and scale. Multi-scale analysis

Hierarchical digital territorialisations that shape current identities. New emancipatory technofeminist perspectives

Interculturality in the intergenerational realm: ethnographic and ecomuseums in Asturias

Comparative philosophy

Resources and methods of comparative philosophy

Introduction to Indian philosophy

Introduction to African philosophy, the concept of “Ubuntu” and the African view of human rights

Introduction to Náhuatl thought

Introduction to P’uhépecha thought

Metaontology of interculturality

Intercultural theories and projects

Interculturality and education

Interculturality and racism in the association Asturias Acoge

The cultural practice of the dowry in current African societies. Peasant organisations in Cameroon and the promotion of local development

Interculturality and the Law

African-Americans and Spaniards: Intercultural contacts and dialogues in the 20th century

The construction of multilingual identities in (post) migratory contexts

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