Thank you all very much

Many thanks! This project begins its journey thanks to the initiative of several professors and the collaboration of many others, the support of the administration staff and the deanship of the Faculty of Humanities, as well as the Vice-Rector’s Office for Academic Organization. Likewise, we also have to thank several entities and associations for theirSigue leyendo “Thank you all very much”

Pre-registration open!

GENERAL PRE-REGISTRATION DEADLINE: June 1 to August 17, 2020 Students interested in this Certificate offered by the University of Oviedo must pre-register online or at the International Graduate Centre. The requirements and documentation that students must submit appear on the confirmation page, which must be printed after pre-registering or registering. Link to the International GraduateSigue leyendo “Pre-registration open!”

Justification of this course and objectives

Justification Current economic and social trends in an increasingly globalized and interconnected world have led to the emergence of forms and production models that are simplifying and, to a certain extent, homogenizing many cultural aspects. Institutions, social relations, territorial systems, demographic, political and economic phenomena produce commonplaces that are generalized and / or culturally imposedSigue leyendo “Justification of this course and objectives”